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Tanya Lojacono, Founder of White Orchid Staging  holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising & Visual Presentation. Her background includes a 20 year sales and marketing career in the Home Décor Industry, as well as expertise in residential lighting and landscape design.


Tanya’s outgoing personality and infectious enthusiasm along with her extensive background led her to create White Orchid Staging. Home Staging seemed to be a perfect fit for her creative and intellectual skill set. 


“I’ve always had a strong passion for home decor and creating stylish spaces”.  “I believe that staging a home is less about decorating and more about “Strategic Packaging”; Clearing  away  the distractions so that a property can speak to you. Capturing the prospective buyer’s attention and maintaining their interest throughout the home is key.  In today’s competitive market you must set yourself apart, creating an element of emotion with which the buyer can connect.”

White Orchid’s mission is to provide exceptional value, extraordinary results, outstanding customer satisfaction, and to help you maximize one of your greatest investments.

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